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About 3D Cotton Face Masks

"3D Cotton Face Masks" is an exciting collaboration with local designer and seamstress SewSweeOh. All face masks are proudly design and 100% handcrafted in Singapore, quality you can count on.

Our Values

We want to
- contribute to the society in the fight against the pandemic
- foster the adept sewing skills passed down from older generation
- offer you an alternative choice of high quality face masks
"We advocate quality face masks crafted with dedication"
As our masks are not mass produce in factory, it takes time to fabricate with personal touch - from raw materials to the final product. Your satisfaction is most important and we only want the best result, every stitch is sewn with delicate care and precision for a polished finish.

Features of our 3D Face Mask


  • 4 Layers material for maximum filtration (*Not a replacement for medical mask)
  • Double stitching technique for greater tension and density
  • Seamless design at center to prevent air particles to enter nose and mouth


  • Unique "3D" design allow plenty of room for breathing
  • Mask does not stick to nose or mouth
  • Reduce fog on lens of glasses


  • Soft tender cotton material
  • Easy on the skin
  • No scratchy contact


  • Elastic earloop with stopper bead give you the freedom to tighten or loosen the face mask
  • Flexible nose wire fit perfectly according to the contour of your nose bridge


  • Stand out from the crowd
  • Variety of designs to choose
  • Different theme and color to match the occasion or your mood


  • Repeat use
  • Easy washable by hand with mild detergent
  • Air dry easily

Hygience . Care . Safety

Before making the face masks, all materials will go under 14 days quarantine to eliminate any possible bacteria or virus contamination.

Cotton material are pre-washed using mild cleaning agent with anti-bacteria formula, then air dry only.

Other materials are sanitized with Isopropyl Alcohol or UV exposure (e.g beads, nose wire, elastic bands)



Packing . Shipping 

After making the face masks, we use triple layer packing process.

Each mask is individually packed in sealed clear bag, enclosed again with a sealed external pouch and a final impact protective layer ready for shipping. This is to make sure safe shipping and minimal contact with the environment.



"We do not leave hygiene and safety to chance"